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John A. Freeland, PhD, PWS
Professional Wetland Scientist, Soil Scientist, Geologist
Throughout over 20 years of consulting experience, I've assisted public and private sector clients needing technical expertise to manage wetlands, soils and other natural features; and meet regulatory requirements. 

Whether it's a farm, new construction for residential or commercial development;  transportation, energy, industrial, or utility project, these situations require management as they are open systems exchanging energy and materials with their surroundings. I garner most satisfaction from helping clients achieve their goals while protecting and enhancing our vital water resources. As the hydrologist, Luna Leopold , once wrote,
"the health of our waters is the principal measure of how we live on the land."


​​​Wetland Delineations
Functional Assessments
​Mitigation and Restoration Plans
​​​​Mapping and Characterization
​Stream Habitat Evaluations
​Vegetated Filter Strips

​​​Soil Characterization 

Although each is unique with it's own needs, a typical project includes the following:

  • A proposal prepared for the client containing careful analysis of the required scope of work, a schedule for completing tasks, a list of deliverables, and a not-to-exceed budget
  • Upon client authorization, review of published maps and data sources germane to the project
  • Field data collection, characterization, and mapping of natural feature(s)
  • Report preparation and submittal to client
  • Review of findings
  • Permit application with agency coordination.

Targeted, ongoing communication is a primary driver of  project success!